Waxed Macrame Cord 1mm - 30 meters - several colours


 1 x Spool of 30 meter waxed cord. Available in 30 different colours.

This is waxed 1mm thick cord ideal for hand made jewellery, specially micro macrame. I have been using it for almost a decade in my own jewellery and it is still my go to cord for all my creations!

The cord is polyester (which makes it a lot stronger then natural fibres), the wax is made from a vegan wax and this cord is the well known high quality cord that is made in Thailand.

Because it is polyester it melts very easily which is perfect for macrame jewellery as you cut & burn your ends instead of using glue.

Make sure to read till the end for higher quantity discount offers :)

Super strong & durable. After years of wearing it, it wont change colour at all!

Waxed cord that you could use for:
- Macrame
- jewellery
- sewing
- crafts

You can choose any of the colours on the colour chart, you can see the colours on the chart by clicking to the next picture on top of this page.

- Cream white
- Beige
- Light brown
- Mustard
- Red Brown
- Aubergine brown
- Chocolate brown
- Grey
- Mud Grey
- Black
- Light blue
- Aqua blue
- Teal
- Dark blue
- Light green
- Light moss green
- Dark moss green
- Dark green
- Yellow
- Orange
- Pink
- Gypsy pink
- Dark gypsy pink
- Red
- Light purple
- Dark purple
- Neon yellow (lit up in UV)
- Neon orange (lit up in UV)
- Neon pink (lit up in UV)

* If you find the cord to leave a white residue on your work, that is the wax. Once you finished with your work you just hold the flame of a lighter slightly against it and it will melt resulting in a more shiny, smooth and sturdier piece. It will make the colours pop too! Just don't do this with white as there is a tiny chance the flame will leave darker marks on your work.

* Please be aware of slight colour difference as every monitor is different.