Snapback hat - Metatron Design

Type: Cap

Light Wizard products are not available for click and collect or home delivery.  They are available by postage only.

This snapback hat is a collaboration with Grassroots California.

It is an adjustable cap that is structured with a flat visor that has the
capability to be curved.
The back panels are opened with a changeable plastic strap to suit
your desired size.
These snapbacks come in two sizes, S/M and L/XL to fit nearly all
S/M = 22-23 in (55.5 - 58.3cm)
L/XL = 23-25.25 in (58.3 – 64 cm)
For more info on sizing please check out the sizing chart. These are
Classic Snapbacks.
The image is an original Light Wizard artwork that is sublimation
printed onto 100% nylon on the outside and the inside liner is 100%
It is psychedelic street wear; its festival fashion, and it is counter
culture clothing.
Cleaning - I recommend spot cleaning hats by hand for the most
control and precision. I can also recommend using a gentle cleaner
like dish soap free of any dyes, or a gentle garment cleaner. Using
a soft tooth brush and a little water/cleaner should take care of most
dirty hats. If deeper cleaning needs to be done please use best
discretion and test clean in a small unnoticeable area.