Mary Janes


An elegant and beautiful shoe handmade by us with 100% natural leather.

  • Our Mary Janes are fitted with a flexible and wear resistant leather inner sole for those precious little feet.

We have also, In the aim of giving them all the help that they need to gain confidence when starting to walk, added extra support at the back of the shoe.  This helps by supporting the back heel and ankle when either walking or running like crazy, playing like a little chipmunk and exploring the world by themselves or by your side.

Our Classy Mary Jane is a very comfortable shoe for the everyday use or for that very special occasion. This shoe style with one strap and a low cut it is perhaps the T-bar cousin as both are very similar in style but with single strap compared with the T-bar that has Two.  Like its cousin the Mary Jane style comes from the early 1900s, and today we take a lot of pride when hand-making them.