Macrame Cord *Laurel* 5mm Premium 100% recycled Bobbiny

Type: Macrame Cord
This 5mm Premium Macramé Cord is a single twist cotton cord composed of 112 single threads.

You can use them to make not only a macramé wall hanging, a plant hanger or earrings but also to weave any project.

It is super soft, smooth, knots beautifully and gives amazing fringes and tassels. This cord is great as an all rounder as it's a single twist cord suitable for plant hangers and wall hangings AND you are able to brush the ends which is perfect for tassels, fringes and fluffiness :)

It is sustainable and 100% made of recycled cotton, which is awesome!


***So how do you make recycled cotton?***

* First they collect old clothes and textile waste and are sorted by colour.
* Then they are cut into consistent smaller pieces and shredded.
* Selected colours are blended to gain an amazing shades of yarn. The colour blend process allows consistent colour matching
with no dyes, no water and no chemical products applied!
* Cotton is spun to achieve the softest and finest yarn.
* Yarn is twisted into Premium Macramé Cord, perfect for all your fibre projects! :)

The inner spool is made of recycled paper and biodegradable.


If you are looking for cord for a project that does not involve fringes and tassels or if you are a beginner and wanting to make plant hangers, I would suggest you have a look at the bundle 5mm macrame cord as it is a bit easier to work with, comes in the same colours and is a bit cheaper. But it won't make any fringes or tassels. The bundle cord is also great for crochet. 


Premium Macramé Cord has been granted authorization according to STANDARD 100 by OEKOTEX (including requirements for Baby articles).
OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 guarantees that the tested and certified yarn does not contain any harmful substances that are a danger to human health and environment.