Leggings - Cocoon Design

Type: Leggings

Light Wizard products are not available for click and collect or home delivery.  They are available by postage only.

These unique and colourful creations feature Light Wizard artwork.

Sublimation printed on a high quality Eco Poly fabric that is made from 80%
recycled plastic bottles.
The artwork is actually a single frame photograph of objects so the detail is
The high waist design is slimming, supportive, and very comfortable.
It is wearable art; it is psychedelic street wear, it is festival fashion, it is yoga attire,
it is work out gear, it is comfort clothing, it is dancefloor dress.
*High waist
*Side pocket for phones of all sizes
*Secret hidden pocket in the back of waistband
*Coloured stretch stitching
* Sublimation printed on premium Eco friendly fabric made from 80% recycled
plastic bottles and 20% Lycra
* Full length, four way stretch, and moisture wicking fabric
* The detail is impeccable and the texture has a beautiful shine that makes it really
stand out
* Permanent, high resolution, full color prints that will never crack, fade, or peel.
*Original Light Wizard Artwork – Authentic, and unique creations from the heart.
Please note-
* The artwork on these clothes are single frame photographs, not digitally created. I
create sculptures; then I photograph them.... And then I print them. Have a look at
my process on www.lightwizard.com.au

* This is slow fashion, not mass produced. Made with love and care by me, the
*The fabric is extremely stretchy so the sizing is flexible. I suggest if you prefer
tighter fits to go with the smaller size, and if you prefer looser fits then go with the
larger size.
XS= 62 - 72cm (24.5 – 28 in)
S= 66 - 80 cm (26 – 31.5 in)
M= 76 - 88cm (30 – 34.5 in)
L= 80 - 96cm (31.5 – 37.5 in)
The model in the photographs has a waist of 77 cm (30.5in). She is 173 cm tall (5ft
7in), weighs 65 kg (141 lbs), and is wearing a size M.

Size XS

Rise – 22cm ( 8.5 in)
Inseam – 70cm ( 27.5 in)
Outer Leg – 92cm ( 36 in)
Size S
Rise – 23cm (9 in)
Inseam – 71cm (28 in)
Outer Leg – 94cm (37 in)
Size M
Rise – 24cm ( 9.5 in)
Inseam – 72cm ( 28.5 in)
Outer Leg – 96cm ( 37.8 in)
Size L
Rise – 25cm ( 10 in)
Inseam – 73cm ( 29 in)
Outer Leg – 98cm ( 38.6 in)